Monday, January 31, 2011

OK,everything in progress !

everything seems fine!
even thought we are all worried about the huge flood that may come again for the 2nd time may be,here in Johor.
anyway..hope not!Let's pray avoid it and for the safety of the people out there.

I am having my mid semester break now..btw only for a week kot...and that doesn't mean that i have the right time to watch that kind of plenty movies in my hard drive??oh no!Need some exercises actually-physically and mentally ...think that would be much better ...errmm..yeah.. :))

Ohoh ya! May be some of you who sometimes(yeah...really sometimes..) really care about what i am writing here,in my blog...shhhuuuiittt..telling you that ...i know you,my stalker..oh no!say that my lovely reader...haha.anyway thx again for having time visiting my blog!

Alhamdulillah...i have done my busy day in the last week successfully..Thx to those who have prayed for me before!Going back to my kampung is such a wonderful i have met this cute little girl who have inspired me so much...muahhh for her and i 1000x really love her smile..wohohoho..


we call her as 'WAHEEDA KECIK' =),she's only 3 years old.
Last night ,in front of the television while i am visiting her family, surprisingly she said to

"akak,akak janji tau lepas ni datang lagi ..kalau akak tak datang nanti kita nangis.....tak tau...sapa nak pujuk??akak janji tau!"

ohoh...that was so cute and really can touch my heart..huhu..what can i do at that time is just give her my smile and a promise finger..yeah..she's really cute and clever!! 

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